Thursday, 7 January 2010

Symptoms of Sinusitis

The classic symptoms of Sinusitis are:

Primary Symptoms:

* a light ache and pressure inside the face and head or deep into the eyes.

* a headache that occurs daily for weeks at a certain time, and is often worse in the morning with heavy head.

* nasal congestion/nasal obstruction.

* postnasal drip.

* mild fever.

* raspy voice.

* nasal discharge.

* loss of sense of smell.

Secondary Symptoms:

* Sore throat

* Snoring

* Bad breath

* Chronic throat clearing

* Puffy eyes

* Coughing

* Stuffy ears

* Fatigue, Irritability and Depression

* A chronic cold

* Tooth ache

* Asthma

* Bronchitis

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