Friday, 8 January 2010

Some Simple Dos and Don'ts for Sinusitis Patients

- Take a bowl of boiled hot water and add a tea-spoon of salt in it. Inhale the salt mixed water vapor or Saline water vapor twice a day preferably at morning and before going to sleep. This helps to loosen mucus and discharge them easily.

- Add two pinches of salt in lukewarm water and gargle in times of Sinusitis attacks.

- Honey is very good for sinusitis patients. Make a habit of having 1 teaspoon of honey everyday.

- Try to take herbal teas such as, Green Tea, Tulsi Tea, Ginger Tea, Cinnamon Tea etc instead of milk tea.

- Cut raw gingers into very small pieces and mix salt with them. Make it completely dry placing in the sunlight or under your stove and then preserve it in an air tight container. Have some dry gingers (1 or 2 pinches) everyday.

- Eat salads containing raw onion and raw garlic.

- Have enough vitamin-C containing fruits and vegetables such as, Orange, Lemons, Green Chili etc.

- Avoid chocolates,milk products,cold drinks and ice-cream.

- Try to find out if any food increases your sinusitis pain. If there is any, avoid it.

- Never take shower with cold water. Use normal water in summer and warm water in winter to take shower. After shower try to dry your hair immediately.

- Try to practise some mild exercises preferably Yoga everyday. Meditation is also very helpful to lessen Sinusitis problem.

-Avoid dust and if you need to go somewhere dusty, use a mask to cover your mouth and nose.

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Adora said...

Very helpful post. Inhaling vapor, using masks outside and avoiding allergic food are the basic rules to reduce Sinusitis attacks. Thanks anyway.

Health Blog said...

Following some simple rules everyday can help in avoiding frequent sinusitis attacks. So, the patients must practice the dos and ant try to avoid the donots of sinusitis regularly.

Cory Anderson said...

Great tips! Just read about Serrapeptase and it says that it can treat Sinusitis, what can you say about this?

Anonymous said...

You can leave out the teaspoon of salt. Water vapor from boiled salt water will not contain salt; it stays behind in the water. That's how saltwater is desalinated. But, the freshwater vapor still feels good.

newshealthtoday said...

Great help! If sinusitis is left untreated it may become chronic, with permanent changes to the lining of the sinus. If this occurs surgical treatment may be required to drain the sinuses or to remove polyps. Visit newshealthtoday for more facts about sinusitis.